"Blank Canvas"

This is a video of the content of a book I made that documented my makeup from October to December 2007.

Text in book:
I have been adorning my face with unusual makeup for about one and a half years, first starting off with the liquid eyeliner spirals at the side of my eye. I loved seeing the reactions that my makeup evoked, everything from grannies saying how creative I must be to disgusted yuppies. It interested me that people cared so much. The temporary state of makeup appeals to me the most, I can change the way I look according to how I feel; do I want like color today, or just black? Maybe some glitter. This book shows how I evolved in only a couple of months. Remember, call it what you want, flash, punk or flare, I am what I am and my inspiration comes from within.

Dub mix "Ooh Ah Ooh" by Michael Takashi Shallow