In June 2010, Sky Cubacub showed her debut collection of eighteen garments; It was the culmination of that era of her creative life. She used materials such as scissors, aluminum sheet metal, wax, bicycle inner tubes, paper and her first love, chainmaille, with astonishing skill that is a result of obsessive repetitive practice. Her designs are couture in the truest sense of the word, for she creates every piece by hand for specific individuals to wear in calculated combinations, an overall vision that is a “portrait” of that individual’s personality. “My interest lies in using the form of the body to hold art. My work is sculpture over fashion.”, says Sky.

3 years prior, she had assisted renowned multi-media artist Dzine, costumed the World Premiere of David Hauptschein’s play, “The Gurney”, collaborated with Lindstrom Tools to create prototypes for new custom chainmaille pliers, worked as the chief chainmailler on the Creatures of the Wind spring/summer 2010 line, which showed at New York Fashion Week and is currently a visual artist and performer for Redmoon theater working on their performances- “The Astronauts Birthday”, “Joyous Outdoor Event” and "Winter Pageant".

All while attending Northside College Prep, the number one academic school in the state of Illinois, through which she competed and won gold medals in the Chicago Public Schools All-City Art Competition in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Her 2008 prize was for a sculpture of an army man made entirely of melted plastic army men, which won her a scholarship to the American Academy for the Arts summer program. Sky received presidential and governor's merit scholarships from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, at which she just completed her second year.

Sky is currently working on opening a showroom/Chicago artist studio in her family's home in Lakeview with Mike Shallow.