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Every day is a performance; I wake up and decide what I feel like. I put on an armful of chainmaille bracelets. The chainmaille leaks down to my hips along with an array plastic army men and dinosaurs. I wear my holsters as usual – they hold my pliers, which are the crucial tool for creating my chainmaille garments.

Everything I do eventually contributes to an art piece.

My interest lies in using the form of the body to hold art. My work is sculpture over fashion.

I keep my design open-ended. I let the materials help decide the direction; a set idea may make me force the materials into doing something they are not supposed to do.

Clothes are a representation of our culture, an expression of an industrialized society where repetition is used in the service of the assembly line.

In my pieces, the intensive handwork makes the process the most important part and gives me my inspiration. Chainmaille has been the catalyst to every other medium that I excel in; all of the mediums I enjoy are obsessive and have repetitive patterns. Through chainmaille, I have found my patience.

My collection is an exploration of different repetitive movements: There are the opening and closing of jump rings, the up and down movement of the needle in my embroidery, and the shapes I cut out of paper. This repetitive process is used to create custom made garments, more couture than manufacture. It is perhaps a representation of a culture in transition to a post-industrialized society; one whose emphasis is not the production of goods, but concepts, innovations, knowledge, and service.